by Heavy Midgets/Tungs

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Our side of the SISTERS Split w/ Tungs
Download includes both sides of the Split + bonus covers
Check out their side here:

Heavy Midgets:

John Graham
Daniel Hammer
Charlanne McCarthy
Ian McQuary

Recorded and Mastered by Ben Miller

All songs on this side written by Heavy Midgets except bonus cover 'Footsie' (written by Tungs)

All songs on the Tungs side written by Tungs except 'Golden Cow' (written by Heavy Midgets)


released April 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Fat Spirit Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Sierra Leone
my mitochondria is the mighty mouse of my soul
and if the habit was a rabbit, i'll never know
i lost the charger to my life and the revival of my phone
i missed the upgrade and the re-uptake of serotonin
sierra leone
pick up your phone

my lease on life ran out so i renewed it
the pharaohs hold the ancient secrets into it
sierra leone
pick up your phone
Track Name: We Are On The Run
we are on the run
but something is pulling out the rug
"from whence do you come from?"
scream the trees
a most unnatural happening

a belief, a relief, is keeping the cold meat
a pushing or shoving, the jello or pudding
not thankful for the giving, just taking
empty your belly cause here comes the gravy

tend to nurse the curse
fingering the purse
fingers close a fist
crack my lip with it.
Track Name: Oh, Susanna
i feel it- i think there's something on my back,
i think there's something in my seams,
at least that's how it seems
please don't be mean
please don't be mean and don't be cold,
i'm just doin what i'm told,
thought they might let me in the fold,

oh, sussana
oh, sussana

awake- tomorrow's come yesterday stays,
although you'd wish it'd go away,
it makes one sick with all the waste,

oh, sussana
oh, sussana
Track Name: Glory Days
inside of me there's a strange and reeling feeling,
partially i am wary of my dealings,

in the swamp in the deep there is a need,
and the trees they straining 'gainst the breeze

where's the fruit? i am hungry i've been looking,
i heard that you could bit into some meaning,

look into the past for some glory days,
look into you future for some glory days
Track Name: Come Get Me High
down, down by the shore- crustaceans and jackals are feeding on fleas, i don't know exactly what you're expecting..

come get me high

descending on the town,
a turn of the wind and a turn of the leaf,
the eye of the storm is now turning to me,

come get me high

now and then i make a powerful call
to answer a bloody pulsing, a dog
the fur rise at the nape of my neck
sniffing out the good pieces and bits
Track Name: Insect Love/ Eternal Patience
can you bring it back or is it on the rack?
did it fall on the floor?
get moldy with all the spores

insect love eternal patience

i'm tired of the heat, i'm tired of the cold
and if there's nothing else
i'm tired of the old

insect love eternal patience
Track Name: Safe On Your Mountaintop
safe on your mountaintop,
set to forget the knots(nots)
and all the topics
from the breath
oh the enlightened ones
merely the frightened ones
of the sun
blade away my mums
the days have not forgotten them
from what the night has stemmed

what if the weather never comes
there's no hide and seek when you are dead and done
pull a flower from it's root
and see if you could live without truth
and love and beauty if money was all you grew