Something Terrible EP

by Fat Spirit

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released January 1, 2012

Recorded at the Yerb and Bad Grrrl Studios by Ben Miller

Special thanks to Kevin Knight for cello on "Indian Summer"



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Fat Spirit Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Something Terrible
Something terrible has happened to us- tricked you into the knot. trust instincts and you'll surely fall into rot, threw you under a bus and it loves to see you cuss and crust over in dusty layers and it wants to eat your rust. Something terrible has happened to us, and you of all should know. You can't escape this but you can try if you must- just where do you think you'll go? If you can crack then you can crow, you can rack up all the hours or hack up everything you owe.
Track Name: Box of Wood
Don't go to sleep with a wandering eye and if that's deep then I'd rather be shy and sleep alright all through this life.
plenty of ways to create a box of wood and if it's bad then I'd rather be good, knock knock on wood if my arms could.
Track Name: Indian Summer
Some days are just like an arrowhead, shooting glint into the sun and the grass is ready to take a spark, light it like a cigarette. Open up your arms to hug a vulture that wants a cracker- manifest the destiny we've created now unto ourselves...
A hot trash smell rising up from the land of deceit, open a window to give the illusion of relief. We're covered in things that we don't understand, on the tip of our tongue the milk spoils again.
Indian summer..
Pray to the happy face amen
face down in the garden
an earthworm shaman
inspecting the wrong end
Track Name: Butcher In Shepherd's Clothing
There's the field: where's my sheep?I'm a restless lady in waiting belittled Bo Peep

There's a figure out on the cliff- didn't think it would be like this. There's my flock getting sheared by him, the lambs are bleating warnings..

Carry bags where eyes weep, been kept up by something scary but i need sleep.

Back at the cliff it's getting worse, his hand's are red and smell like the earth, the big ones are getting their skulls bashed in- said i could've sworn he was a shepherd
He says his job is done and he wants his tip, didn't think it would be like this, his hands are red and smell like murder- said I didn't know you were the butcher

Be not afraid for death will surely come. It's a winding road to nowhere, it's a blinding road to nowhere, it's a winding road to nowhere... or to somewhere.